How do you move on from an ex you still see at work?

How do you let go of a old past relationship with someone you really cared for and maybe loved as well. I know this guy we had a on and off relationship ups and downs but now and days. Its like I'm not a matter to him anymore like I know he cares for me but he is not the same. It's like he has moved on and In still stuck in the past. I should have been already over him and it's been two damn years an some month's now. And I still miss him think about him 24/7 OMG!! It drive me crazy because it only makes me want him back. Some times I feel like crying because I feel like he run with my other haft of heart. I try to be friends that what he calls us and I just go along with it to fake like I'm ok. I see or hear about him with other females it makes me self aware and I'm always trying figure out who they are or get jealous. But It kills me inside I have all these feelings for this one person and there not here with me to share it with. So what's next- to move on and How?


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  • It has been 2+ years? You owe it to yourself to put yourself in a new environment. Can you transfer to a different department or location or get a different job? You need to take action by dating other people (NOT FROM WORK) and you will eventually stop dwelling on your past.

    • Yes I can get another job or find another place to be. And Lol No I'm not going date anybody I work with anymore. And also When I do meet or talk to other guy's I still feel the need to carry my ex in my mind. But aka I do feel like maybe another job will help as well.

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