My ex threw my couch away after breaking up with me?

Long story short...I lived in an apartment I picked out with my ex and he randomly decided to kick me out in anger. So I quit my job and packed what would fit in my small car and drove 4 hours to my parent's house. I left behind a couch and some other items since I don't own a truck. That same day he said he would UPS my stuff and I said I'd come get the furniture items. I tried for two months to schedule the trip with him and he ignored every text (I need permission since I'm not on the lease I think.) Finally he said he doesn't live there anymore and he threw away my couch. I know he's lying about living in our apartment still so I don't know if he's lying about the couch too? Is what he did legal? Why is he so difficult if he's the one who kicked me out? What do I do now?
The couch is also a bed so really useful to have. I also never cheated.


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  • Sound like he is just being a dick. Did you buy the couch with your own money? I'm not sure what the laws would be for something like this. He should give you the money for it. I don't understand why people can't be mature and do the right thing instead of holding a grudge.

    • The thing is, why should he hold a grudge if he's the one that kicked me out? I didn't cheat or anything like that. The couch was given to me by my mother so it's really hers but definitely not his. It's not like I abandoned it either-I've been trying to get the furniture back for 2 months!

    • I don't know. There doesn't seem to be any reason for him to be acting like a total ass. He should have the curtsy to tell you the truth and to let you pick it up. If I were in a relationship and we broke up I would want to make sure they got back everything that was theirs as soon as possible just so I can move on faster.

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