Should I ask my ex for space or just let it be?

So me and my ex broke up exactly a month ago today. It wasn't pretty but it was for a conflict of futures but he still "really really wanted" me in his life so I agreed to be his friend but I give myself space since he won't give it to me. He also said he doesn't want a relationship for a very long time because he doesn't want to commit until he has his future figured out.

We still hang out though it's not as much anymore. But what still bothers me is how he could be on Tinder picking up girls, then texting/hanging out/hooking up with girls from there and also with girls off of Tinder (a hook-up phone app). I know I can't stop it and we're both single again but I still can't process the thought yet that's why I want to request for him to give me space but I don't want the friendship to end though it's still kind of hard knowing we're not together anymore. I mean I'm starting to get over it but I kind of relapsed feelings again today when I saw him texting a girl named Ashley though I can't assume that's some girl but then didn't bother opening her most recent message for the rest of the time we were together (I saw it). It could easily be a friend of his but I don't want to risk it.

So should I ask him for this space or just let it be though I don't really care as much anymore (but I do want to fully process that he could be doing these things)? Also, how should I approach this without breaking off the friendship?


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  • I'm sorry you're going through such a rough time with your ex. To ensure a smooth transition without breaking off your friendship, I suggest that you tell him you need some extra time to sort out your feelings and want to concentrate harder on work/school for a bit. Tell him that when you clear your head and possibly get your life on a better track, you guys can hang out more often. Make sure he knows this doesn't mean you don't want him in your life, and be humble but firm about this minor change in the relationship. Hope this helps!


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