Is This Normal ? To Be This About My Ex Bf?

I don't know what's wrong with me, I don't know if it's Infatuation, or lust, or possibility maybe love. But it's driving me crazy and crazy out my mind, I never felt this way about anyone or any body. The feeling what I feel is powerful and strong and feels like a force that brings me to him. I don't know when I think about him I think about positive stuff that we did and how much fun we had together that's normal. But other times when I think about him I try to make up this picture image in my head if I had him in my arms that I would never let him go. I some times have these weird fantasies about him and I just begin together and having a baby maybe even having a family like what the future would be like but really like having his kid lol. And some times when I think of him begin with someone else it makes me jealous. Or hear things about him liking other girl's it kills me inside that makes me want to found that girl and see what she haves that I don't that makes him want her. Other times just the fact that he's not here with me Just makes me sad and I want to cry I don't know why I want to cry. But I never felt this way before it's been two years and I'm still stuck on him why he is out enjoying his life. What's wrong with me? ;( Him and I are friends still.. and talk from time


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  • Should have tried the stocking foot under the table during at least one meal. My "one that got away " wore hoisery daily... I am Many times I was the recipient of the under table nylon footjob. She became a pro at it. I think if you just wore them around the house causualy. Then at a dessert use email like hands and feet fuck I the shift out of him.


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