My Ex-Girlfriend Cheated On Me With My Best Friend And I Still Love Her. What Do I Do?

Me and my ex-girlfriend just broke up recently because I found her cheating on me with my best friend. Me and my friend are really close and been friends for four years now, me and my ex been together for about two years now and I just found out her and my best friend been hooking up for three months I think. Anyway I stopped talking to my best friend and my ex. I'm really hurting because of it and to know it was my best friend makes it worse! And my ex wants to get back with me and I keep saying no but I still love her. I don't know what to do... Or what I did wrong for her to go after another guy for sex, me and her never did anything because I didn't feel comfortable with doing it at a young age.

I still love her a lot and she cheated on me with my best friend.

Should I take her back? And what should I do about my best friend? I need help...


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  • cut them off both do you realize that she fergot about you and did what she did with your bestf just you must dump her for ever for ever don't be stupid she would do it with others like easily ! go find girl that desurve you !

    • Yeah everyone tells me I should. Thanks for you opinion, I defiantly thing about what you said.

    • search for a faithful girl and if ur guyfreind is hot and not a ladies man then you just can let ur girl talk to him but if he was more likely to talk to girls and haing out with keep it for your self as a friend and take off your girl from having too much time alone wih him !
      wish ya best luck and ur welcome :*

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  • Get a new best friend

    Drop that bitch.

    Clearly neither of them are worth your time, so that would be my course of action. Don't blame yourself for someone cheating, that's their bad, it's never yours. You never can do something that "Causes a person to cheat". If the person was so unhappy about something in the relationship, they should either address it or break up, cheating will always be the fault of the cheater.

    • Lol, thanks for that. I guess I just feel as if I did something wrong. Your opinion helps me a lot! Thanks again.

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  • You find better friends. You didn't do anything wrong, except having a piss poor judgement in friends and lovers. Learn the signs of douchebaggery and avoid such men and women in the future.

    People who really love you and care about you, don't do shit like that to you. Learn that soon, least history repeats itself.

  • You see if she is sincerely sorry. Let her know that your trust has been broken, but you still love her and are willing to work things out if she can stay committed. Let her know you forgive her, but you definitely won't forget 👌

    • Thanks you for your opinion. I see if I'm willing to get with her again..

  • U did nothin wrong and don't take her back if she loved u and respected u she never would have cheated in the first place and as for the best friend obviously he isn't a true friend if they did it once they will do it again so I would say drop them both like a bad habit I kno its easier said then done but u will be ok in time

  • Don't take her back. Once a cheater always a cheater. Ignore your best friend. He doesn't respect you as a friend. Avoid those pieces of shits.


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  • That's a bitter part of life little bro.
    Be glad you've experienced that in younger age :)
    It'll make you stronger trust me.

    Same thing happened with me too 1-2 months ago and I cut off all of my contact the day she broke up with me.

    Your ex aren't paying your bills and you've lived your life before that person came into your life and so you can live it again.
    Good luck and trust me it'll go away.
    Take care :)

  • Personally, I'd cut them both out of my life. Like entirely.

    As for why she did this, you didn't do anything wrong that caused her to cheat. She and she alone is responsible for her actions.

    Hang in there, spend time with people that love you and support you, and try to do things that make you genuinely happy. In time this will all pass and become a distant memory, and you'll be wiser for having experienced it.


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