I don't think I love him anymore...?

I know, i am an asshole. But me and my boyfriend has been going out for 2 years already. We planned our future with so much details, how many children we will have, their names and where we would live etc. He even said that he could move and live with me in a foreign country whit me after school ( my homeland). But now when he talks about it i feel insecure, like i really love him, BUT now i feel that he isn't the rigth one and i need to adventure out. But is still love him he is nice and everything, we are childhood friends and know and share everything, and i REALLY REALLY am not someone that is gonna cheat so what should i do help me? Should we maybe have an open relationship? Then i think he would really hink i am disgusting i think... And when i think of it i could spend my future with him 30+ years old. but now i am 18 and want to be free, but what if he finds someone else?
  • Talk to him about it? (it would really hurt him)
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  • Have an open relationship (hurt him even more)
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  • Break up? ( i think i would 50/50 regret it)
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  • Live with it?
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  • Break up and find contact later in life
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  • Exactly like my ex...
    A girl that doesn't know what she wants in her life and wastes mens time for nothing. That guy wasted 2 years with you only for you to dump him now. Then dump him and let him find someone else who's worth it.


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  • I don't want to play your game. You don't like him, so break up with him, and let him enjoy his life because no one wants to play your game.


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