What now with this girl? Can you help me figure it out?

This girl did me wrong big time. We never were together, but i loved her. She played with my feelings.
I didn't reproach her anything, i just cut the ties and minded my own life. It hurt as hell for me and i got depressed bc of her. Especially that she never apologized or try to explain herself for her behaviour.

Months later of no contact whatsoever... we end up working in the same place. We aren't in the same department, but still.
We bumped into eachother, i said hi, she stopped and asked how i'm doing. I just told her "i'm good" and kept going.

I'm confused. Should i be friends with her now that she's in my life, like that?
All this time of no contact we had close mutual friends, just that i avoided her or going places when i knew she was going.

My head is spinning, and it hurts, it consumes me because i thought i could get her out of my life and she's HERE.
What to do now? Friends, no friends, ignore her?


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  • Hi :) I totally understand the situation that you are in...this has happened to me before. In my opinion just be friends with her. Show her that you are happy and never bring up the past. If she asks you questions about if your dating anyone or anything just say that yes you are seeing someone but not OFFICALLY dating yet. Don't be the one to approach her btw...if she comes up to you be nice and talk her normally. Be better the. Her. I'm really sorry to here that this girl made you go into depression. Like I said before this has happened to me with this guy that I was seeing in high school and then I bumped into him at some party and he saw how happy I was and he was totally up my a** all night. He tried to get back with me but I didn't let it happen. You seem like a good guy :) ...don't let some girl make you feel this way. Just remember show her that your happy. Don't act sad or depressed infront of her. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Goodluck with everything!!!

    • Yeah, but i never had closure. I didn't reproach her anything, but that doesn't meant it didn't hurt. And i still have so many questions, that i'd like someone to answer. It feels bad. I don't want to make her think that i'm good with her presence around me, because i don't want her around. Her presence is poisoning my mind.

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    • lots of questions but the problem is she would be the only one capable to answer them. And it's hard to believe we will talk about the past.

    • Why don't you just say I want to ask you a couple of questions? I think you should just ask her whatever is on your mind. Just to know why she did what she did you know? I did that with the guy that hurt me. I asked him everything!

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