He's still super protective over me, and tries to make sure im always ok...what does this mean?

my ex claims he's over me and doesn't care, but still stares and gets jealous/mad when he saw me hugging his guy friends.


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  • He's not. There's still part of him that wants you to come back to him. Who ended it and when? If he's telling you that he's over you, he's probably trying to get you to think that life is great without you and you made a mistake in breaking up.

    • The thing is...he broke up with me. his sister said that he'll regret it. and the breakup was for no reason, he said that he just 'lost feelings for me' . we haven't talked since then, but when he found out that someone wanted to fight me, he randomly got all protective and told my sister that he won't let nobody touch me.

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  • i'd say he isn't as over you as he thought he was.


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