Girls question about a break up?

1.What do you do when you try to move on?

2.If the guy was the first one to initiate the break up with you and he apologizes next day would you take him back?

3. Have you ever rejected or dumped a guy even though you were still in love with him for some reasons? and what are the reasons?

4. If he keeps apologizing and begs you to come back to him, would you feel pity for him or would you just be annoyed?


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  • 1. i keep myself busy
    2. I dont know, it all depends on the history
    3. Yes, because the relationship was not working
    4. No, i wouldn't

    • Keep yourself busy by doing what? and would you even bother to keep yourself busy if you had no interest at all in that guy and he thankfully broke up with you?

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    • I wonder how you ignore someone you're still in love with.

    • thanks for MH

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  • 1) I listen to music and talk to friends. maybe start talking to other guys
    2) Depends on how bad the breakup, and if i really loved him a lot
    3) I have never dumped a guy I still loved. It has always been the other way around
    4) Again, depends on how much i loved him and how long the relationship was. Im a stronger person, so i typically would say no, but if i was head over heals in love with the guy, of course i would take him back! (:

    • So you wouldn't take him back unless you were serious enough about him.

    • yeah it would have to be serious to take him back

  • 1. I work on bettering myself, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
    2. Depending on how the breakup went down, it could be possible to forgive and move on.
    3.Yes I have rejected and dumped guys even though I loved them. Sometimes, more often than not, love is not enough to make a relationship work. I dumped a man that I loved very deeply because he was a woman beater and a cheater.
    4. I did give into the woman beater/cheater after months of begging and pleading and empty promises. He went back to his old ways about a month later, so I ended it again. Then he began the begging and pleading again, and that is when it got annoying. I didn't pity him, I just thought of him as a very sick man that I wanted nothing to do with anymore.


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  • This is for both genders really...

    1. Find new people, hang out with new friends or new girls/guys since you are single now.
    2. my ex gf did this 3 times, the 3rd time i was bout to get back with her but i just told her to fuck off after what i found out she did.
    3. No, i have "messed around" with another girl while still in love with my ex.
    4. I usually just block her unless she says some crazy stuff..then i cause a war and end it by blocking her


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