I hurt him n he hurted me back although its my fault, he ended up breaking up with me. How do I win him back?

I met an amazing guy right after coming out of a past relationship he was a good guy always there for me and all but I kept him waiting to finally have me for 6months and when I finally fell inlove with him and took the relationship serious after just a week I find been having something with a friend of mine and as soon as I confronted him on the phone he never replied and actually told a friend of mine his done. I don't know what to do to get him back koz am the reason who chased him to another woman I guess.I've tryd apologising to him but he wouldn't even reply me


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  • Why apologize for confronting him?
    He cheated , if he was seeing your friend , he could have told you..
    I dont think you should pursue , you already had a bad relationship six month back.. try moving on and a nice guy will come along

    • I wasn't apolozing for confronting him I actually apologized koz I think making him wait for so long made him b less intrested n made him go for someone else. My friends r telling me I treated him badly for making him wait for so long.so am confused

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    • Mmmmh got it thank u..

    • You are welcome :)

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  • Am I the only one who does not understand what she's talking about?

    • Well what I meant was after I just got out of a bad relationship, I met this amazing guy who had been asking me out for awhile but I wasn't ready to move on n after 6months he was still there n still asking me out but after I finally started dating him after just a week he started acting weird n I find out his been having something with a friend of mine after comfronting him about it he goes tells ma friend his done. I tried apologiing koz I know making him chase me for so long made me lead him to have comfort with some other woman. So I don't know what to do to make him back

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  • If you told him you were 'having something with a friend of yours,' and this angered him enough to fall into the arms of 'another woman,' I am not sure there is much you can do right now. And he may not trust you after this as well.
    Let things cool down for awhile. In time, after the smoke clears, perhaps he may 'Reply,' but only to end up to be friends, especially if he is with someone else. If he isn't, then you may have to go slow with the flow and see if you can get him back and---What you both once had.
    Good luck.xx

    • No his the one who actually cheated n I was the one who confronted him about It n at that time I got really angry to go his own way I wil go my way but after I cooled down I finally realised it was because I made him chase after me for so long n i recently was too late wen we started
      Dating he was already having something with a friend of mine n I didn't know about it.

    • Oh, I see, now I see this After the fact...Now you know He can't be trusted, maybe it is better to move on.xx

    • U think but I don't to start from moving on koz I've actually fallen for him

  • Tried apologizing? if you still have the chance, apologize sincerely in person. then stay friends for a reallyyy long time. seriously, time is key, and its hard- i know from personal experience, but if he truly ever would take you back, you would have a better chance when he has to time to find other people, and realize that you were the best he had. text him every now and then , but dont do it constantly. you dont want to be annoying.

    • I have tried apologizing but actually I think thats what made him more angry to a point he took all my stuff from his house to my friends house n told my friend that he was done. I apologised again to him after my friend told me about it n told him its my fault and am sorry if he wants me to let him be I would respect that but its really killing me and I don't know what next to do

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    • i wish you the best of luck ! (:

    • Thanks hun.

  • You can only move on. He is "Done" with you. So forget about him.

    • Mmmmh ok

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    • N thats the reason I decided to ask total strangers koz they won't sugar coat me but give me a trughful advice

    • No problem, girl.

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