My boyfriend and I broke up and I can't seem to move on and get past all the lies?

My boyfriend and I recently broke up and I just feel like everythingn he said to me were lies and I'm struggling to forget and move on... Any advice?
The things he said to me were just so sweet and we had basically planned out lives together and now we aren't together and I feel so hurt


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  • Yeah, irony the person who cares more hurts more. Like my girlfriend their actions are showing who they really were. I struggled with this the same way you are. I think it would help you if you were able to talk with people about it and listen to their advice or response. When you start getting energized again, start doing some of the things you enjoy. It is hard to move on but you will slowly heal. Just remember everyday you are healing more. After you have had some time you will start talking to other nice guys again and they will help mend your heart. When I interacted with my *girl* friends it helped me a lot. Also if you want to bawl at night let those tears rip. It is just a reaction to how you feel inside. It is better than holding it in, that's for sure. good luck (sorry for the essay)


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  • You guys broke up recently something that will make it hard for you to move on right now, but I am sure you will get over it in the future. It hurts right now, something that is understandable. I know it's hard with the thought of you guys discussing your future together and planning everything. But that is just life. Just because you discussing future together doesn't mean that will happen unfortunately

    Can I ask you how long you guys were together and why you guys broke up? You don't need to say it, if you don't want to.

    Just cry all the tears you can, focus on yourself, accomplish different things and hang out with your girlfriends, before you know it a new mister right will come into your life. :)

    • We were together for a couple of months but we just had a connection and then he didn't even seem to care when it was our annaversary so we had an argument about that and he said that work and his family comes first and he felt that I didn't understand that so we were both annoyed with eachother and not decided to just say it's over although he had the final day because if it was up to me I would have tried to get past it but he was just not willing to acknowledge that he was wrong for dismissing our anniversary after I made a big deal about how important it was to me

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  • It is a tough one. Time and dating will be most helpful. You need to wrap your head around the fact that his dishonesty had more to do with his lack of character than with you.
    He was and will always be a pathetic liar. Be thankful that he is out of your life with minimal damage. The pain will fade away in time. Meanwhile find a guy who treat you better.

  • Just remember he was the lie.
    That should help you get over him better.


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