My ex says I'm crazy and now I wanna get over him but how?

He is a year older. We were close friends before we dated and he liked me. My friends told me it was a bad idea but I was an idiot and fell in love. We dated 4 1/2 months and I gave him my virginity. I could say I did a lot for him, I bought a lot of stuff for him, paid his rent once, lent him money that was never paid back, and visited him after work by busing an hour and half to his house. He never bought me anything, made me wait for him all the time, and fell asleep when we were suppose to meet up. One day I waited for him for an hour after work I called and texted but he didn't answer so I just went home. Later he texted me and said he fell asleep. For the first time I got mad and told him he treated me like shit and I hated him. The next day I said I was sorry and that I just needed time to think and he said no what u said means were done. He said but we can be friends. I said what and got upset but agreed on friendship but one day after crying everyday for a week I told him I wanted to get back together and he said no. So I said fine and just kept being his friend and texting him a lot but then I got into some family trouble and school trouble (I kinda ignored my studies while dating him. Dropping my number one position in academics and jeopardizing my university options) and tried to kill myself. He called me and said I was crazy for trying to die cuz of a breakup (even tho I was having other problems too). I told him that and he just kept calling me crazy. 4 days later he started dating another girl and I was crushed I texted him more and asked if he wanted to hang out. He would reply hours later saying he was busy. I then decided I'd stop talking to him completely. But he keeps telling his friends I'm crazy and teasing me by telling his friends (my friends too) to say that he says hi. He laughs at the fact that I cry all the time and that I'm depressed while he dates this girl who is perfect. I see them a lot too cuz he moved back here.


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  • WOW. It seems to me that you had other personal problems before the relationship. It wasn't a very good idea to get into a relationship while you were stressed. But its not your fault. Many people, especially teens, feel like relationships will help them relieve stress (which rarely happens, since relationships are a LOT of work).

    Anyways, find some friends, hobbies, or something to keep your mind off of your EX.


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  • I told my ex I'd get over him when he gave me back my virginity. And until he does I will call and text him whenever I want.


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