Ex posting all about his new girl he started with a couple days after me?

Once he came back home we started talking again which lead to kissing, sex, ect. Then we kept getting into little stupid arguments over one another getting jealous. After that the last break up I had messaged him and said I'm not going to wait around as an option anymore since he kept saying he was " waiting" to ask me out. Once we been on the whole done with one another he called out of no where asking who I speak too, what I've done the whole week and if I still like him. I didn't really answer them full and he said he still cares about

me. But, then while on the phone says he's posting another girl as WCW to not get mad and obviously I get mad an he kept saying stop you know your my favorite, then I said sure and hung up. That's kinda how it's been done. But after all that, he stares at me in school, compares me and her, spreads things about me, and posts photos of his new girl. I'm lost an need help to know what he is trying to do and if he's just trying to get me jealous or what.


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  • Don't take the bait it's what he wants. Don't comment or even talk about or show it gets to you. He will stop and hopefully you can get on with your life without that fuckwit.


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