Is my relationship with my ex weird? do we still have feeling 4 each other?

ok so I broke up with this guy a little while back and he's dating someone else now but we still see each other at school (im a high school student). last week he had a accident and spent a couple days in the ER. I was crying running around desperately trying to find out how he was and if he was going to b okay. I went and visited him once he got out of the ER and he got out of the hospital on Friday. I want to go c him, I still care about him, but that might b kind of weird. plus I know his new girlfriend and I don't want her to think there is anything going on betwin us. but maybe there is. he was so happy to c me the other day and I was so worried about him... I don't know... please tell me what to do...


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  • It's not weird. You can still be really good friends and care about the person.

    I was with my first girlfriend for a year and a half. We broke up two years ago now, but we still lived together for quite awhile after the break up, we still talk every single day even though she's not even in the country right now. If anything happened to her, I'd be at a complete loss. Pretty sure the same goes for her. We've both made it clear, I think, that any future relationship we have is going to have to deal with the fact that we're still best friends. If I were to get with someone and she wasn't cool with that, well, that relationship isn't working out.

    It's not weird. It's just life. Sometimes a person can just be that important to you.


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  • You don't have to stop caring for someone's well-being after you break up with them. If his girlfriend asks why you care so much just tell her the two of you have a history together and reassure her that you are not trying to rekindle anything.

    • but that's the thing... the last time I went to see him he grinned at me in that way of his and I think I felt a spark...

  • Not weird at all - you are just being a friend.

    • thanks. even though we're not really friends whenever we get stuck in a room together we start spitting insults at each other like crazy. we were never good at being friends that s partly why we broke up. when in was good it was grate but when it wasn't we made each other fcking suicidal!

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