My ex bullies me at work.. I told my manager, did I do the right thing?

Me and my ex went out for 4 months, we work together. he's recently started being horrible to me after I dumped him for being a bad boyfriend.
- He makes me look bad in front of customers
- Tells me im rubbish at my job
- Treats me like im stupid
- Laughs when I make mistakes
- doesn't support me when there are long queues ( we work in a cafe)
- Excludes me from the group
- Calls me names e.g. bitch or stupid, or not good enough to work there.

So after all this - He tries to make me jealous by talking about other girls he fucks (when he is kind to me), anyway - when he does this I just ignore it but deep down it upsets me and I dread coming into work, like literally I panic.
So this week - I tried to reach out to him and explain that I felt uncomfortable - I phoned him - he didn't answer, so i emailed him, he also didn't reply.
At work - I asked him directly what his problem was - he literally verbally attacked me, telling me im disrepectful, he doesn't like me, he doesn't care if i feel like he makes me uncomfortable, literally laid into me. But all the examples he used were from when we were together (he cheated - so how am i disrespectful?). I was shocked, I told him to f off and he told me to shut the fuck up, then i went to the back and burst into tears.. He didn't even come to console me or anything, he just laughed at me.
So I went home upset, and I slept on it, and I mailed my manager to say I wanted to speak to her. We haven't spoken yet, am I doing the right thing? I wanted to quit.. but I love my job.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes you did the right thing, what an excuse for a human being. I can tell he's just mad at you because you dumped im.

    Poor widdle babies ego got a boo boo, and now he's acting out.

    • Lol, I think its true. But thank you.

    • You're welcome. This guy gets off at every, single little thing you do wrong at work ( Everyone does things wrong sometimes! Sometimes very often! Were all human, nobody is perfect.) So he's the loser, because he thrives off your mistakes, to make him feel better about his and raise his low low self esteem.

    • Its true. I honestly have done nothing to provoke it - I literally ignore it, but take mental notes. But yesterday it just got too much, I had to say something.

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah you need to report him. He's a pig.

    • He's a horrible pig, who wasn't taught the golden rule as a little piggy.

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    • Thanks you guys :)

    • I would think in some place far away, and very uncivil.

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