Is it bad that the guy doesn't come running back?

So there is this guy who used me and everything and he genuinely doesn't care. Honestly the only thing I'm scared of is maybe he won't regret the way he treated me because I mean I was a good person to him. So I don't know what to do or think so I can be strong and not go running back.


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  • assholes generally dont give a shit about the fact they were assholes. its sorta their thing.

    write a list of all the things that make him an asshole, and keep it with you. if you start to think about him again, read the list.


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  • You did right by him, but he didn't do right by you. If someone uses you and leaves you, why would you do that to yourself and put yourself in the same situation again? Thats just asking to get hurt.


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