Why is it that when I find a guy who we have a chemistry, there's always a factor that doesn't allows us to be together?

Whenever I find a guy who thinks I'm perfect for him, there's always this other issues that dont allow us to be in a relationship with. He's either too old, he either can't due to his own problems, or there's some other factor. I hate it because I've found so many guys who we connect but than something drops and we no longer can't :(


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  • you will continue to find something that will keep you apart. its for you overcome it if you really want it. Here is a quote for you "The course of true love never did run smooth"


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  • Well, overcoming the obstacles show how much you two want to be together, so if you really like or love each other, then you will find a way


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  • Be happy that you're able to connect with so many guys.

    One day you'll find the right one. You can count on it

    • how do you know? what if I never find the guy? online there's a lot of old people who are complaining about being sigle. what if I turn like them :$

    • Happiness in life is a matter of direction, not pace.

      It might take a while to find the right guy, but you are meeting guys. You are making progress towards your end goal. Who knows exactly when he will come? It's not your obligation to know. All you have to do is try.

  • Nobody is perfect...everyone has a flaw or two.

    What matters is if the issue is worth it.


    Keep on searching! :)

  • Murphy's Law... if it's worth it, it's worth fighting those issues though... perservere

  • Keep looking and find the flaw faster lol.

    • lol but the flaw usually just drops once we're both connected. the flaw wasn't there before because it's usually other things that dont allow us to date

    • Well date better guys lmao

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