It's been 2 years and I'm still not over ex-boyfriend. Help?

My ex broke up with me about 2 years ago. We're both in our early 30's. Long story, but after we broke up, I found out that he was cheating on me. I confronted him about it afterwards and he admitted it.

Since then, I've dated a few guys, but nothing has clicked. I'm just not interested in anyone I meet.

My ex sporadically texts me every now and then to see how I'm doing. It has always been him initiating contact, not me. The last time he texted me to see if I wanted to meet up. I was shocked and was short with my answers and he stopped texting again. At the time, I was torn between meeting him and not since I knew that I didn't want anything to happen between us again (but I guess deep down, I just wanted that affirmation that he wants me still). I couldn't bring myself to meet with him.

Anyhow, few months have passed and here I am thinking about him again. Should I contact him and try to work it out with him again? I think he might be dating someone now. I'm just having such a hard time moving on and finding anyone else attractive and worth dating.

Any advice how to move on? Or, should I reach out to him now? Please help!


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  • Well I can't tell you what to do, but from my experiences I'd advise you not to get back with him

    If you want to move on, I think you should do no contact. As in, you dont reply to him if he texts you, and you try to make it so he doesn't even pop up in your life anywhere. Then try dating even more people.

    The problem I think is that when we meet someone we are particularly interested in, it might take a very long time for someone else to pop up who is just as special. But, eventually, someone else will come along


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  • I don't think reaching out to him it's a good idea really. what will happen if you get with him again? don't you think you'll be disapointed again? may be you should stop trying to find a guy for a minute, just focuse on yourself. Cherish yourself a bit. You should may be try to stay away from him for little time


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  • i would try to start over but not expect anything


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