Ex calls to make small talk? Why?

I dated this guy for 5 years and we were serious and other things in his life got complicated and he wanted to break up. I was gracious and said okay, but 3 weeks later he calls and begs for me back and I said that maybe we should heal so that we could start over a new. He said okay. Well a few weeks later he was apparently at a party and one of his friends asked about me and would it hurt him if he talked to me. (I have never spoken to this guy before I just know of him) My ex calls me upset and saying it's my fault he's hurting that other guys are thinking about me and it's my fault. I told him it's not fair to blame that on me and why should he be insecure when he's the only person I've been involved with in 5 freaking years! Well after that he didn't talk to me for 2 weeks and I took a girls trip to new orleans and we posted pics etc, and while I was there he texted saying "are you awake" and I said yeah, but he didn't reply (wtf). Then he calls me as we are boarding the plane and I tell him I can't talk and he gets upset and hangs up. Well when we got back he calls be 6 times! so while we are waiting for baggage I call him back, but he's all "How's the weather" "Did you have fun" and small talk and then says bye. What does this even mean? I tried to text /call back after that and he won't answer


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  • he is sending too much mixed signals...he seems pissed off, then he seems kind to you..guys are so weird


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