Should I talk to my ex to see how he's doing after the breakup?

i was dating this guy for over 4 months. the first three were perfect, we spent every day together and never argued. i broke up with him two months ago and ever since he seems down and upset on social media. he's always talking about how heart broken he is and that he misses me. we started arguing because I have a really close friend who i consider to be my brother, we've been close for years. i asked my ex if he'd be botherd if i hung out with my friend he then wouldn't talk to me for the next three days so i decided i wouldn't hang out with my friend. anyway when i finally got ahold of him he was upset that i would even want to hang out with another guy. eventually we worked it out but then we had another argument after he ditched me three times in one week but didn't have an excuse. he asked me to come over to talk and we then worked things out but while I was there he was in his text messages and i seen "miss you so much sexy goodnight (;" from a girl but i didn't say anything and not even a week later i heard from a girl that the first month of me & his relationship he was flirting with her & saying he'd leave me for her and of course he apologized and said he was dumb and he didn't think we were serious at the time. i accepted his apology but then we just started fighting about little things and considering it was a week before surgery on my head & i didn't want extra stress i broke up with him. i miss him so much & seeing how upset he seems on social media makes me feel bad. i think we should of talked about our feelings more. but i don't know if i should talk to him to see if he's okay or not. im worried if i do that he'd either get more upset or get mad and ignore me. or it could be vise versa and we work things out and are able to be friends. i miss him, i miss having him in my life he became my best friend. i have moved on & am crushing on some other guy i just hate to see someone i cared so deeply for hurt.


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  • Do not speak to him. His issues of jealousy are still there. Breaking up means you lost the relationship with him. No need to re-hash it.


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  • Yeah as a friend you can ask. But relationship is not a good idea if you ask me.


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