Anyone here is feeling broken on the inside because of a guy? Any advice to overcome that pain..:'(?

i'm actually feeling like that.
Spending hours crying in the bathroom...
Can't sleep at night
Don't wna eat.
Don't be beautiful
just wna end this life
Is there someone like za here
Help me..


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  • Hey sweety, everyone goes through this at some point in their life. I know that doesn't make it feel any better. I've been there myself can eat, sleep, think of nothing else, don't wanna do anything, feel sick etc. Its a total normal response for girls or guys when they hurt. This will pass with time, that's all it takes. Hang in there and just give it time. After a couple weeks you will start feeling better a little at a time day by day. Sorry you're here, I have total empathy for you. Hang in there hun.

    • thnkss.hope i get better... sOOn

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    • I think you should do your best to get him out of your mind and not dwell on it as much as possible. Assume he is not coming back. If he happens to in the future, that's great but it doesn't happen a lot.

    • ok :( wil try... tomrrw..actually in sm hours gona b my birthday..cant it b a wish cm true n he forget that girl he thinks i dnt knw about n cm back to me only..
      i think i cannot stop hopin but wil try not to think about it n get him out of my mind...

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  • I'm really sorry for you...
    Dealing with a break up really is a terrible feeling. But you have to have hope. These terrible feelings eventually will fade away, but it takes time. The first weeks are the hardest, and don't be afraid to cry and express your feelings. Talk to your family and friends, because they most certainly will be willing to help you out and make you feel better.
    What really helped me overcoming a break-up, is writing down my feelings. Every thought I wrote down. After writing most of the time I felt way better.

    • i used to do that when i was a child but then mom read my diary and found lots of stuff about my stupid lies.. n then i stop..thnks for z idea but its quite risky since i dnt wna anyone to knw how i am feelin

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    • It's true that nobody is perfect. I totally agree with that. I'm not perfect, you're not perfect, nobody is. But someone can be perfect for you, even though that person is not perfect.
      Anyway, I hope this awful feeling will go away soon.

    • me too...still feelin the pain though..guess, i need to live with that for some time. its i wna shout out as loud as i can or cut smfinnnnn to rmv it...or jst remv za hrt which is like burnin *dnt hv words* poor me

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  • Sorry for you...
    I'm in your situation but with a girl, and it hurts
    It's horrible to see how she broke up with me and she met knew guys so fast, making me feel like I was nothing

    There's a couple things that help me (not completely, but it's better than nothing)
    -Going to a cafe and reading
    -Talking to my best friend (she's a girl) about my feelings

  • Been there because of a girl. It is an old but true phrase. Time heals.. not completely but to a large extent

  • Why are you blaming every guys? Its not the question related to every guys.
    There are guys who would be faithful only to you but you won't like it until you like the guy coz he ll look desparate. It is always mutual not one-sided. Please dont blame every other guy because of your incident. After all for a relationship to nurture you will need a guy and if you are going to make your opinion for every other guy the same, it will be difficult for you to live the life. Believe me there are gentlemen too living in this world not only the JERKS and they are found in males as well as females. Love is mutual not one sided.
    Move on and make yourself more strong even if you dont want to. Cry but keep yourself busy. Dwell less, work more.

  • tats so sad and i know how u feeling inside..

    • if its a relationship , whatever it is try to end in a good note

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  • Hang in there and just give it time. One day without noticing you'll suddenly be over it and it will feel good.
    Take it from a girl who has been there waaay too many times.

    Just hang in there, it will get better at some point and when that happens you'll feel great and no pain anymore. Have a nice day/evening :)

  • So sorry you are feeling like this. You must be patient, I know this is probably a ridiculous think to ask f you right now, but know that this will pass and you´ll be stronger and feel much better about yourself. If you must, cry away you pain and wait, don´t do anything just yet, we cannot make decisions when we are feeling down because the results won´t reflect what you really wanted or needed for yourself. You need to focus on you and on getting better by doing things you like and speaking to family and friends, don´t isolate yourself. Come here to GirlsAskGuys and help others, communicate and you´ll see that every day a little bit, you´ll feel better. Feel the pain and let it go, it´s ok to be sad, to cry, to feel down, but remember that all these feelings will pass. I wish you all the best.

    • Zats what am i doing, voicin out everything on GirlsAskGUys..
      n yaa, i did spend y day today crying out till i feel ok but then i cried again n then decided to go to my cousins and i was a bit cheer up and then i went at my best friend house. really, i was better rather alone closed in a bathroom or my room. thnks dr

    • Good. Little by little. Be very nice to yourself.

  • We all went through it.
    But time heals. ..

  • He's just a guy, easily replaceable.

    • i love him still..though he did cheated or he love sm1 else..
      i stil cnt remv him from myhrt

    • Take some spelling classes to forget about him.

    • spelling classes? whats zats? O.o

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