Does she want me back after I cheated?

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We're both 22. Dated for 3 years, lived together for over a year. We had a unique relationship. Family and friends loved us. We were truly best friends. Did everything together. Forever Future talk and all. We we're very supportive of each other in all ways, even financially. Over-time thing's got into a routine, and I made a mistake. A mistake I have but no choice to try and redeem.
I cheated..I didn't have sex. But I was kissed on the neck and stopped it after it happened. The only problem is I sought it out, and I didn't tell her. Biggest mistake of my life.
She moved out, and we're on our 2nd week. We relate by being unable to deal with our she's already at the breaking point with her mom..
I deserve everything coming my way.
She's told everyone in her network, and it's been about a week now. A week of her talking to me daily. The 3rd day she told me "Out of everyone I'm talking to...I only feel like you can truly help me get through this." It's been up and down with emotions, but she takes the time. Last night..we hung out. Mind you it's only been a week..and it went great. I went above and beyond. She came over, we watched our show, got some icecream from the store together. It was like everything was normal. I know she's struggling. I can see that I caused her pain that I can't even begin to understand, but she's still here smiling and laughing. She's hurt, but not ready to let go. I made sure she knew that I'm not necessarily trying to win her back...but I'm not necessarily giving up either. I want to be here to listen to how she feels, be here to work on the things I lacked in our relationship, show her that I can see the pain but I want to spend 60 years making it up to her. She love my family, they love her. We have the same goals. I just want her back. And I need a little help in better assessing this situation. What to do?
She also has a ton of clothes still at my place..and last night I gave her keys to the condo back. So if she ever needs to get away from her mom...she can. Also to give her security she can just stop in whenever, as I want to show I have no hiding
She's texting me very very consistently. She's working too. I wonder what it means!!


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  • Well, I'm not going to give you a hard time because I'm sure you realize what you did was shitty, would never do it again, etc. There are going to be enough people answering this telling you that.

    So, with that said, you're going about this the right way. Kudos to her for being willing to talk it out. If it's an option, I would highly suggest individual and couples therapy for both of you.

    Expect some rough times. Expect her to have trust issues for awhile. There may be times when you feel like your every move is under a microscope, but if you are both serious about continuing the relationship, she needs to be able to cope with and get over the break of trust.


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