Is this normal behavior for guys after a breakup? Does he have a problem?

So he broke up with me last month after 4 years. We have remained friends and he messages quite often. Yesterday I bumped into his parents, who I have always had a close relationship with. They told me that he doesn't talk to them about anything and that he just works and then comes home and drinks almost every night. He's always liked having drinks here and there, but his parents were like he's been drinking every night. Does he have a problem? Is this just a guys way of avoiding dealing with things?


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  • Uhm, that's not a good thing.

    Turning to alcohol to try and make yourself feel better about something (which is what he is doing), is typically not a good thing. It doesn't matter what gender is doing it.

    • Why would he do this when he's the one that broke up with me? I didn't think he would be affected since he did the dumping.

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    • He said that he didn't feel the same about me anymore and I felt that we were growing apart. Also he knows that I will probably be moving in August.

    • That sounds believable.

      He may be drinking because he wishes the relationship is the way it was in the beginning, not how it is now.

      That sounds most logical to me.

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  • He only has a problem if he can't cope without if
    Who broke up with who


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  • Does he have a problem?

    Perhaps. It sounds like it.

    Is this just a guys way of avoiding dealing with things?



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