He left me for someone else. I am doing better but I still wished he would be sorry for the damaged he caused. Opinions?

He asked for some space in February after our 6th Anniversary. It was pretty much out of the blue since we were celebrating and the next week he told me he needed space, time…he continued to tell me he loved me and that he wasn’t going to leave, he just needed space. Unfortunately I couldn’t understand his need for space and I freaked out. I cried, called him crying, begged him to come back and work on whatever was going on with him. He broke up with me in the beggining of March. It was very hard for me to let him go so I tried to understand why was he suddenly so eager to leave me after telling me he loved me and that he wasn't going to leave. I decided to stop contacting him because our talks were confusing, one minute he said “You are my best friend” or “I love you” and the next minute he was saying that he still needed space and to be on his own. Fast forward I contacted him in April. He came home and we had a talk, he brought him my stuff over (I almost lived at his house three or four times a week) he told me I looked beautiful all the time and touched my face, pretty much acting like if he cared. I asked him if I could kiss him and he said he didn't know if that was right…after that he kissed me. He said I would never loose him but we could not be together at the time. Finally, a week after that I found out through Facebook that he is with another woman. We were not broken up two months and he was already jumping into another relationship. I confronted him and he lied about it, telling me it was a recent thing and he never cheated. Of course I can’t believe this. If he didn’t cheat on a physical level I am sure he cheated emotionally. My love for him changed…I think I still love him and I wish he could admit what he did, or at least say he is sorry but he doesn't think he is doing anything wrong. Well, kissing your ex when you know you are starting seeing somone is not OK.


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  • The feeling you have for revenge is normal and common, but it isn't going to be productive, and it's more likely to make things worse for you.

    The best way to let him feel that pain is to focus on making YOU happy, and improve YOUR life in ways that are meaningful to you. Seeing you happy without him is the one thing that more likely than anything to hurt him the way he hurt you, but even if that never happens, YOU will still be happy, and you'll be that much more attractive to other people, who will want to be with you and be happy with you.

    Also, karma has a way of catching up to people. Do your own thing, and let the universe take care of punishing this guy. It may not happen right away, but it will happen.

    • I really don't want a revange...I just wished he would have said anything to apologize...or anything that wouldn't be a lie...it feels as if he didn't care anymore.

    • It's probably not that - he's more likely embarrassed/ashamed. And if he's not, then he was never worth giving your heart to in the first place.

    • I don't want to keep on thinking about this but it seems so hard...

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