What does it mean when your ex views your snapchat story? (and he rarely uses snapchat..)?

Me and my boyfriend broke up a few weeks ago because we were incompatible. He initiated it, but I was feeling it as well. Though, I was a bit shocked when it happened, I knew it was the right decision. We were good friends before we got together, and we still want to be friends after the break up.

Anyways, I'm trying to stop talking to him for now because I need time to heal and be on my own. He kept texting me as if nothing ever happened, but I still need time to forget about him as a boyfriend, you feel? He's already emotionally detached from us romantically, lmao. So, I've cut down how often I respond, etc.

Getting back to my main question, he rarely uses snapchat, and he just viewed my story. He also just texted me asking if we could hang out sometime.

Man, I don't know what any of this means. I just need some time away from him. If I see him, I know I'll think about him even more.

Fellow men, please tell me what this means. Even if it's just a guess, it will help me.

Thanks so much.


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  • Apparently not a whole lot because my ex does it and will barely say two words to me when we see each other.

  • Realistically it means absolutely nothing, you should probably get over him, if you found him incompatible, it shouldn't worry you, but it is unhealthy to feel like you could possibly go back to him, because those incompatible feelings will return if you do. Find another dude


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