Was this break up between best friends (guy/girl who once had feelings) blown out of proportion? Or justified?

This is a very complicated situation.

Oct 2006 Josh and I were best friends. We were attracted to each other. My best girl friend convinced him to ask me out. We dated a few weeks, kissed once, then I broke up w/ him. I went on to date another guy for 3 years. We stayed close. He was always there for me. Always sending hints of flirting. He always flirted w/ anyone he could though so I thought it was nothing. Things ended w/ that guy and Josh kept flirting with me. Simultaneously his parents went through an UGLY divorce. He was VERY upset. His dad was a newly discovered alcoholic.

June 2010 He went off to work in another country. We talked a lot. We flirted online. Joked about me buying lingerie in his favorite color. August 2010 He came back. We acted like a couple... stayed up all night talking, hugging, play fighting (like on the floor), cuddling. It seemed like the best thing in the world. I was too shy to kiss him when he asked. I don't remember if it was before or after he said he didn't kiss girls he wasn't really into.

Sept 2010. I went back to school. We talked and flirted over skype. May 2010 I visited his school (my best friend who set us up to start went there). He ignored me. June 2010 I confronted him about it. He said he was nervous to be around me b/c he realized he was just using me in the past b/c he was lonely and it was revenge for not liking him earlier.

All summer we tried at being friends and hated each other. Went back to school and decided to stop talking to him. He fought and fought for my friendship even after months of silence from me. Mean mean things were said to one another.

To this day, he still fights to be my friend. He sees me every time he's in town. He said he wants to keep good friends around. He once said he hangs onto past relationships in case something was meant to happen later. He always asks about boys, tells me about girls. Stares at my mouth when we talk. Asks for advice.

Should I let him in again?


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  • I think you should just because everyone makes mistakes, and hey you're even now right? I regret a lot of the things I've done in the past. The past is the past, he can't change it as much as he wants to. Give him another chance!

    • Yeah, that's what I am thinking. I'm nervous though, that's the problem. I'm nervous we'll go back down the same route. I have dated other people since this, but still, no one has amounted to how great he was. I'm afraid I'll fall for him again. I'm afraid he's hanging onto me to string me along b/c he's never dated anyone else. Maybe he has and I don't know, but I'm pretty sure he always gets close to a girl and then lets her go away. He's pretty overweight and has really low self confidence.

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    • hahaha yeah I had to convince myself to be friends with him again at all. I should just know better ha

    • Ugh, I'm back at thinking I like him again! How is this possible?

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