How long should a divorced man take before remarring?

What is the appropriate amount of time given for a man to decide to remarry after a divorce?


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  • This is such a blanket question that it must have some qualifiers to better answer:

    If the man had a kid or kids during the marriage, you should not marry him.
    1. He should focus on the kids and give them his full attention
    2. As the second wife you will always have competition between the kids, they wil not respect you. Your husband will put them first before you and of course, the first wife will be competition. Studies have shown that second divorces (especially with kids) have the highest rate of re-divorce

    If the man has no kids with the 1st wife, then it is BOTH your duty to go through premarital counseling before marriage! Marriage is such a huge commitment both emotionally and financially, It boggles my mind that people don't try to get to know each other better--and yes YOU NEED a counselor to do this. Again studies have shown that couples that went to premarital counseling decreased their chances of divorce by 31%

    Carry on my Anonymous beneficiary.


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  • depends. If he was loyal through marriage and the divorce was down to his ex-wife was being a massive bitch; maybe she was visiting a male gynecologist or cheating on him in other ways... then he'll probably be ready to move onwards and upwards pretty quickly after.

    I just hope the next wife treats the poor guy better.

  • Depends on if he learned his lesson or not.


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