Random break up...what is going through his head?

So i was dating this guy we went through some rough patches from racial problems to having time for each other. But we overcame these obstacles and stayed strong.he spent a lot of money on me.Then all if a sudden " i dont do relationships" " your too good for me" "i feel stuck" i was hurt. And did not contact him for a minute. We text now but i still want to understand where the sudden breakup came from.insight? Some of my friends think there's another girl but his friends say he's not like that and he is the friend that never have a gf.


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  • I dont think there is any necessity to reliving the breakup and hearing a "reason". To that could be detrimental to your self esteem especially if its not to try and get back together. And no, there is no closure to hearing someone tell you what they think is wrong with you.


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