What would be the reason why two exes would never talk to each other again?

All of my friends and their exes still talk to each other. But me and my ex have now been broken up for 3 months and we don't talk at all. I don't want to start talking to him because he dumped me.
So what would be the reason why two exes would never talk to each other again?


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  • I see all these posts about EXes... Why does my ex not like me? This and that about an ex... should we get back together...

    An EX means.. in the past. In my life, after any break up, an EX is out of my mind. I move on almost immediately and never think of, try to contact, check up on, etc...

    Breakups happen for a reason...

    I'm not talking about someone who moved away... I'm talking about relationships that ended due to cheating, abuse, incompatibility and such...

    Who CARES about an EX? Who cares about what an EX thinks of them?

    Then "breaks"... what's that all about? all this is is an admission you can't commit in a relationship. Taking a vacation from a relationship isn't going to fly.

    ALSO... getting back together after a breakup.. or chasing someone to get back together... sorry folks, the same issues are gonna be there.

    This "closure" What's that about? No such thing... So what? It's over.. there is your closure.

    Move on... where you found one guy/gal, there will always be more.

    Your ex is just one in a line of exes you will have in your life.


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  • Well how was your breakup? If you ended on less than friendly terms obviously it would be a bit awkward to be friends. Like I am friends with one ex, but the other I haven't spoken to since the breakup. The reason for that is things ended very badly and things were said that I can't take back. I wish I could, but I can't.

    • Well, when we broke up he said that he might try being with me at some point again but so far he hasn't said anything yet and it seems like he has a new girlfriend.
      The break up was kinda bad because I asked him if it was his final decision and he said yes and then I literally just left so we didn't even say goodbye or anything.
      I should maybe add that we were eachothers first gf or bf so we don't have a lot of experience with relationships or break ups.

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  • For me the reason to never talk again is that we're exes. I've never spoken to any of my exes since the day we broke up.

    I don't believe in relationships with women just for friends and especially not women who I've dated.

  • i talk to all of mine, it just takes time to cool down after a break up. and if you dont want to talk to him again then don't

  • Betrayal, emotional or physical abuse, significant mistreatment, lying, etc.


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  • I don't talk to my ex period. He broke up with me like 2 months ago over stupid excuses that is. But we don't talk to each other anything. I tried being friends with him but you can't really be friends with an old love. I mean you can try it but you to are better off being strangers to one and other. My ex stares every now and then but I just look away it's his loss not mine I did my part. I broke up with mine like the 2 week of school. It was over cheating, and no trust or communication so yeah.

  • Well what happened with me was that my ex lied to me about a ton of things, and actually stopped talking to me for a few weeks just out of the blue, when I confronted him and asked him about it he just breaks up with me. So I mean that's a reason there. It all really depends on how you feel about it. If you don't want to be friends then you don't have to.


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