Is he playing games with me too? Do I move on?

We split up a month ago he will always respond to any message u send but is addament we ain't getting back together he is still really angry about things so I said ok I will leave you to it and adapt your attitude he said ok cool I haven't messaged since and he won't block me on what's ap

So I have a night off what's ap and don't go on till the next day mainly cause I am drained by checking up on him as he always seems to be On there so I don't know if he's chatting to other girls the next morning I put up a smiley on my status and then he comes online as always I check a few hours later and he hasn't been on at all and it's not like him it's been a day still not been online I know he stil has the what's ap and the number as my mate phoned him about something is he playing games as he always on what's ap and now all of a sudden he isn't which isn't like him should I just move on


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  • You're being a stalker. Stop it.

    He just isn't texting, he's not playing games.


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