Is she distancing herself from me?

I told a pen-pal that I was falling in love with her and she said its nice that you think so highly of her and if we met you may not like me so much.

When I told her I had feelings for her she didn't reply for 3 months

when i asked her why she stopped writing and if she had a difference of opinion she replied.

I'm sorry I didn't keep you informed and didn't write from a long time but I am having health problems and its making me very worried. You may think this is an excuse but its not. I am waiting the results of the tests and I will write u a longer letter when hopefully I get better.
Any girl can answer please.


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  • Wow she's either really good at playing that or she actually is being brutally honest.

    But yeah you most likely scared her off a bit.

  • She got spooked.

    Can't blame her


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