I love him, but I think I have to break up with him...?

We've been secretly dating for about 5 months. It didn't start out as a secret though, we didn't care if people knew, we just didn't want to go out and tell the world. If they found out, then they found out, no big deal.
He's the sweetest guy ever, and I can honestly say I've never felt the way I feel about him with anybody else. My friends just recently found out about us being together, and they don't "approve". Now their opinion on him doesn't matter to me, I love him and that's that. But the fact that nobody supports us being together is just another thing to add to this huge pile of stress.
His friends and family love me, but my friends and even family aren't so fond of him. They think he's a bad influence, and I know they are just looking out for me, but he knows I'm a "good girl", and he's never gotten me in trouble or has forced me into anything, he treats me just right.
It seems like everybody does whatever they can to make sure we're not together, and it's killing me inside. I can't see him at school, because he got in trouble at the beginning of the school year for something he never did. He tries to sneak out his classes to see me (He feels like he has noting to lose at this point except me) and he comes to my class to see me. However, he's been getting caught, which gives him a great consequence to the point where he can't see anybody. We can't be together out of school because of my family, and everybody I try to vent to or go to for advice just tells me he's a bad person, but he's not. They don't even know him, they just look at him and think he's bad person.
I love him, but what's the point in being with him if I don't ever get to see him? I don't want to do it, but I feel like I have to. Any advice at this point would be helpful. How should I do it? Should I even break up with him?


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  • Just give him two options
    1. Stop skipping class, getting in trouble and for Thor's sake try to behave around other people at least
    2. Break up, it's really not worth being in a relationship where the guy is a nuisance to the society, you'll get deemed as a bad person and he could involve you into something by accident.
    My two cents, could go well, but probably will end badly.

    • Thanks for the advice, I'm still not sure on what I'm going to do about all this. If I were to break up with him, do you have any idea on how to do it? Breaking up with him will crush him, and it'll crush me too

    • Giving him those options is enough, he'll either stop making himself look like a prick or leave you to be an even bigger prick.

What Girls Said 1

  • i had a guy like this once. nothing ever happened with him, thank goodness. my family and friends were right to tell me he was bad news. i was far better of getting him out of my life.

    • Everybody is telling me to leave him, but it'll be really hard. It'll crush the both of us. I still like him a lot, how should I do it? Over the phone? Face to face? What do I even say?

    • i didn't like pushing him away either, but it got to a point where i didn't feel safe with him anymore. i was sad, he was sad, but it was for the best. do it face to face. there isn't really a nice way to word it haha

    • Well thanks anyway haha :)

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