Would you still date someone if their family hated you? please help me this might be long but I really need your opinion?

I have been dating this guy since 2010. we brokeup in 2013 because i moved to dallas texas. he had this girl moved in with him thats military and basically she paid him to be with her. well since she found out about me she been trying to get me arrested and she been pushing him to go press charges against me. she claimed i hacked his Facebook when i didn't. i had his Facebook since february. he didn't make any other page but he got on Twitter without her knowing. on her deployment ceremony date, the mom brought the girl over here to fight me. the mom hates my guts. i had to call the police and when i called the police, she did also. the police came and they pointed at me and said i had a warrant for my arrest.his mom works for the state so the girl partnered up with her. the mom had me arrested illegally and all this was did when my ex was at work. they repeatedly pressure him to file charges against me. he goes up there and files false information and never show up at every court date. the mom was showing text messages, pictures and etc. the girl who lived with him been wanting to see bad things happen to me. he even wrote a fake affidavit on me because his mom took him to the police station with the girl there. he filing nothing but fake details and he wants me to prosecute his mom and the girl. now that she is deployed, his mom got the no contact order done. once again he filed for the 8th time with false information and i wasn't served the summon. he did on the purpose for his mom to be prosecuted at the end. the girl laughed when i got arrested. his family hates me but he lies to his family. i even got proof of the documents for court, that he dont want any of this on me. he said i was his ex girlfriend but the girl redid the cover sheet on the summon forgetting that he already did one already. the order is domestic abuse. he said on the papers that i have that im not abusing him. he's not showing or saying anything the mom is telling
he went 7 months without social media and as soon as she deployed he got a new one right along with 3 other ones. he put her picture up on his cover as she requested and the relationship status. why is he lying to people? i refused to meet his family
he said his family was dramatic. all that girl did was keep up drama. he's smart with the law but he wants me to prosecute the girl and the mama. on the documents for domestic violence he already had done a cover that says im not doing that.


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  • Would I still date a guy if his family didn't care for me?
    Do I love this guy? Then yes I would, I could give a shit less about what they think of me.

    • thats why im prosecuting his mom tomorrow. you don;t get me arrested illegally and send out a warrant for me illegally because of that girl. if he wanted a Facebook page, he wouldn't have waited until she left to get another one. he has his Facebook back. his whole family got this image of me being crazy but he's writing false reports to get them in trouble. how the hell am i abusive...he said on the document i have im not abusive. the girl lied like i got a history of abuse. he gave her the documents so she can shut the hell up. even the documents was false. why force him and come to court with him and get an order knowing he want you prosecuted

    • this is nothing but drama. parents should stay out of their kids business. he was in court looking like he tired of this, according to the judge. he been to the circuit court nearly 8 damn times filing false information. if he wanted a order out he wouldve done it on his own. his sister and everybody think im just a fuck..im glad he's filing false information because he smart like that enough to prosecute. i hate it when people family gets involved. his moma dont even know about the other documents. she showing texts and messages, he's not showing that. another document was filed but he wouldn't let the police find me so thats how the summon was rewarded to him. he gave it to me for prosecution. people parents gonna learn how to stay out of their kids business

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