How can I get sex from my boyfriend even though were on a break?

My boyfriend and i have been on a break for the last two weeks because of a recent pregnancy scare and arguing a lot also he has exams coming up we agreed to take a break until he got through with his ever we have sex twice a week minimum if he's not to busy with work yes he works as well but I've gotten into the routine of frequently having sex that i feel like its been years when in fact its only been two week and i honestl don't want to have sex with anyone else so how can i ask him to have sex with me without asking him
Im 17 will be 18 in forty days and he's going on 20


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  • Think another time about the question you're asking here. There's a reason why you guys are on a break, and stress and a consequence of sex is the cause of it. Do you really want to risk making a bigger mess of things instead of cooling off for a bit? Two weeks is not a long time if you really think about it.


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  • Just go to him and seduce him. He will get amnesia about any argument you had recently.

  • You can't ask him to have sex without asking :p
    But you can convince him to meet you some how and just jump on him:)

    • I know i can't ask him without asking him but i mean i want to ask him but without saying the those words

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    • If he says know then make the break permanent, he should want you just as you want him, he should also meet your needs he's your bf!

  • guys don't need sweet talking , just tell him you want to use him for a few hours of sex

    • My boyfriends not like that if i told him that he'd ask if im only with him for his penis

  • If i was your boyfriend based on your picture i wouldn't take much convincing


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