Should I even let him explain?

I have just broken up with my boyfriend and he has been lying, I notice he does cocaine on weekends, im not into that so I don't know what's involved, I found him on bangbuddies and he lied about that then he dropped the n****r word to a guy who was checking me out. I have no time to waist and will never respect him ever again.. its just painful as we have been together for 3 years, he treats me like a loving boyfriend should and have had the best days and worst days together, he buys me expensive jewellery and never lets me pay for anything, so I know he is not using me. he says he wants to explain. But I know he will try to woo me back and I never ever want to see him again, logically, but my heart is now broken


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  • It depends, it will help him if you let him explain regardless of how he reacts, so the question is, do you care about how he feels? That depends on what you think about him now.

    • yes, I care what any one fees, and I will get sucked back in, oh this is so hard.. when the heart has to just keep it real

    • If you still care about how he feels, and would want to make it less painful to him, then let him explain himself. It will make him feel better regardless of the outcome instead of not knowing.

      If you basicly wanna say fuck you to him, and don't mind him being more hurt then necesarry, then don't

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