A recent break up where I had to dump the guy?

I was taking care of a guy for two years and all he did was lie all the time. I got tired of paying all the bills and taking care of him as well and all he did was complain. I had to break up with him three weeks ago and threw him out of my apartment. He since found out that he has bladder cancer and tried to make me feel guilty for dumping him. I changed my number, got a new phone and had to deactivate my Facebook account because he was making fake pages just to inbox me. I found out that he had a wife that he left in Ohio three years ago, two daughters that he used to beat up on. I also found out that he cursed his mom and out and she has nothing to do with him. Now he is staying with his older sister and her husband. He is an ex-felon for check fraud as well. I so don't miss all the drama from him and feels good to be free. I just wanted to get peoples opinion on this. I met his off of a chatline called the Vibeline two years ago.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like you got a dud, good for breaking up with the loser, maybe karmas paying him back for his stupidity

    • thanks u so much for talking to me because I was so tired of crying and getting used.

    • No one should ever let another person make them feel less important, i dont know you but you seem like an awesome person

What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like u got out just in time


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