Does my ex boyfriend care and do you think he wants to be with me?

I met the most amazing guy in Sept of 2012. He told me we were sexually exclusive and even got jelous when he saw an inocent picture of me with a friends husband on FB. But he never said we were in a relationship. Unfortunatly we were both 2 weeks out of a relationship when we had our first date. Things were awesome till November when my controlling ex called him at work and told him we were sleeping together. We weren't. A week later he called me and we kind of started seeing each other again. In December he said he couldn't do this anymore and ended it again. I asked him why and he said I reminded him of his mother. We spent Christmas together. Then I didn't hear from him for a couple weeks. Then one day he just stopped by. It felt like a booty call. A week later he text to ask how I was then 2 days later he was in a relationship on Facebook. That lasted till April. In may he started texting me and in June he called just to talk about silly things. Then at the end of June we met for a drink that turned into a sleepover. We would see eachother about once a week. He wished me a happy birthday in July but didn't join me. His birthday was August 3rd and he wanted to hang out with the guys. We saw eachother about once a week till mid September when he told me he was sleeping with other women after we had an amazing night out. Not sure if I believe him. At the end of October he was in another relationship. They broke up in November and he wished me a Happy Thanksgiving. They got back together a few days later and broke up again in December. He invited me out for a drink as friends and we had a great time. He told me she was controlling. The next day they got back together. They broke up about a month ago and he drunk text me that he was out with friends where we had our first date. I've stopped by his work a few times and each time he was friendly and asked about my kids and gave me a hug hello and goodbye. They got back together again last week. What's his deal?


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  • You two are done.WAAAY too many other girls involved here.You have been his booty call for these last few months.I'm sure you enjoyed it too, but he is not into you anymore.Do you want to be the other girl? How about STD's if he is with all these other girls? And you certainly don't want to be with someone that you remind him of his mother.Think about it.

    • Thank you. My mind tells me to just move on but my heart is just too stupid to let go. It stinks. I guess when I do meet the one I will forget about him.

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