What's the deal with my ex bf?

So I've been broken up with my ex for 7mths...never talked to him after then he started texting me out of the blue, I would text back periodically but I'm already in a new relationship so I just am whatever about it, recently, for no reason he blocked my number, he would always text me about wanting me to come over and stuff, but there is no explanation for his behavior, especially since I never text him, and respond to his text


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  • He still likes you. That's why he kept messaging you and inviting you over. He saw he wasn't going to get anywhere and wants to move on. So he blocked you.

    • We'll then why not delete me on Fb too?

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  • Sounds like he's bitter because it's clear that you're over him, haha. They all act like that when they don't get their way, sadly. Some guys just want you, all or nothing, so since he sees you're not interested like that anymore, he's being immature by blocking you. Lol just forget about him, he'll be back.

    • Yeah it's just weird because he hasn't blocked me on Fb lol I'd think that would be the first thing he would of done

    • Ughhhh lol. As long as you're happy without him, just leave him alone.

  • I wouldn't worry about it


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