Tips and pointers for getting back together with an ex:what to expect?

I'm very excited an ex of mine I was very in love with is coming over for summer next week! We've been talking and once we got to reknow each other she told me the move was difficult she was and always was in love with me. She was the first girl I was in love with and I have only been with 2 girls after her. I don't think I loved them as much as I did love her. Letting her walk was the most stupidest thing I've done. Now I want to make sure I don't screw this up. She will be staying at my apartment (my room mate will be going home for the summer) and I know she's single. I hope and I heard from her friend we are both wanting to reconnect as a couple.


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  • Take things super slow u dont want to rush it I say be open minded and just go with the flow be neutral expect for you guys to rekindle the flame buut at the same time expect for things not work out that way your prepared either way :)

    • Do you think she may play hard to get?

    • Gee I dont know I don't see why she I say don't be nervous once she arrives just be you and go with the flow.

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