Ex bf saw me and he confused me?

ex bf broke up with me because he got mad at me for asking about something which was not really bad he was just really so sensitive. he broke up with me last year August 2013.

i did ignore him and did no contact totally.he blocked me in fb but he follows me on instagram.even if he likes my photos or comments sometimes i never reply. i changed my number too so he won't be able to message me anymore or call me.

i went out last wk and i had so much fun.but then when i was about to go home one of his buddies approached me when i was gona go home he was asking how i was ofcourse i acted normally but then he mentioned my ex. but i said im not interested in talking about my ex. then he asked me where i am going and whos with me i said some friends will pick me up but the truth is i just said that i was gona go home alone.

then someone called me again as i was walking i didn't see well so i went near the car and i saw my ex bf there he was the one calling me asking how i was he looked happy.i was in complete shock. he then asked me if its ok i go inside his car to talk then he drove.he said to his friends that we will go ahead..but i told him i can go home alone but he insisted he takes me back home. then he said he asked his friend to follow me but his friend made a mistake because his friend talked to me lol he just wanted to see who i was going home with. so he was the one in the end who had to follow me that night to see where im going and who was with me..

i asked why but he said he cares for his friend. then he laughed. i wasn't really talking that much since i was shocked.

he was talking about things with me like whats happening with him.. so i was being casual.we did ate also before he brought me back home.so we were together for like 2hrs

to cut the long story short. in the end he said he wanted to see me again and talk.but WHY? when i asked why he said maybe i already know why.he got my new# but didn't message me yet for 3days already
actually when he went inside the place i was he said he saw me there were guys talking to me so he said he had to go out because he knew that he had no right to do something about that that moment he saw that there were guys talking to me.


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  • Don't over-think the situation. It is clear that he still likes you even after all this time, he clearly gets jealous of you, after all he wants to know whether you're "going home" with anyone which concerns him, he also drove you home, it's quite a gentleman-ly thing to do nowadays.

    You need to be upfront with him, ask what he's doing and ask him about why he was so concerned about whether you were going home with another man that night and why he was following you, he could give you a romantic answer that could lead to searching for a re-newed relationship with you. Otherwise maybe he's just jealous because even though he is looking for new girls, he still wants to keep all of his ex's in line. You need to find clarification. Go get it!

    • thank you for your helpful answer but you know he is the type of guy who is not that good in opening up his feelings.its like its very hard for him to express himself.. i dont know why he is like that.thats why when i asked him why he wanted to see me again because i remembered he told me when he broke up with me that he doesn't want to see me anymore or talk to me.. he just paused and said "i just wana talk.lets see. maybe you know already.i dont have to say it.."thats what he told me.

      im just curious to be honest. because i didn't really expect that.he even said he was trying to contact me even before but he didn't know i changed my #. anyway, i just said thanks to him after he drove me to my place.im just trying to see if he will really contact me.

      thanks for your answer. i appreciate it :)

    • absolutely no problem, go out there and make him open up, I have a girlfriend who doesn't know what she wants at the moment and it hurts so I know what you're going through with the difficulty of the whole "If they don't want me in that way, do I move on or should I stick it out?" You need to search for clarification. If you ask the right questions, most guys would answer them :)

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  • Well if he says he wants to see you again and wants to talk then I'm sure he means it and wants you back. If he also got your new number then it's a dead giveaway that this guy still has a thing for you. No one goes through all that effort over a past ex they don't feel something for. I think he hasn't messaged you cause he is probably unsure whether he did the right thing or he could be over thinking things again. Maybe he's also afraid of texting to soon and looking desperate especially after he's the one who came back to you like that. Give it some time and in the meantime decide what you want and how you feel about him for real.

    • thank you for your reply :) i appreciate it! i really hope so.. i was really trying to moveon, it was hard. i just didn't really expect id see him again and that he'd do something like that. yes, you're right.i should give it some time..i will not definitely be the one to contact him first as i dont want to look needy or desperate. he kept telling me i looked so beautiful than before. im not even sure if he was sweet talking me or he was telling the truth. he said for sure he won't be able to sleep after seeing me that day. oh my..fingers crossed!

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    • he told me he noticed i was having fun without him. im not sure if i answered back rightfully. but i said i was having fun without you because you were having fun without me too.then he didn't say anything. I've been reading this book why men love btches. hehe :) i guess its also helpful!

    • hahahaha omg I need that book! I think you said the right thing. There's nothing strange or offensive about that reply. He deserves to know the truth too and the fact is you were having fun without him. It's just the cold, hard truth :P

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