Been with a girl for 6 1/2 yrs. Met her online here of all places. Now things are falling apart, and fast.?

So I met a wonderful girl/women on here. When we met she was a girl I would say. Though she has grown into a very inspiring women through the years. We have been together for a long time. We have lived together for most of this time, I would say 90 percent of it. She hails from NYC and I am a country boy from Michigan. Though my parents are very city in how they function. No I didn't grow up on a farm. So, to make a long story short. My used to be fiance became my girlfriend about two years ago when she found out i was "sexting" a colleage from work. Which I eventually sacked up and admited to. I stated how devistaingly sorry I was, and vowed to myself to never let things of this nature happen again. Well, so 2yrs goes by and I had not done anything to violate her trust. She had obvious trust issues. As I had texted/communicated with old friends, and g/fs from my past. I had violated her trust many times. But I didn't have an intention of meeting some girl, let alone cheating or having sex. Which understandably she thinks I am. Partially because I did hang out with the college from work. Not at her home, and definetly did nothing sexual. Though no matter how many times i told her of this she wouldn't believe it which I can understand. Though now that she has trust issues "Which i get is no ones fault but my own." She won't stop looking for reasons to leave. Now we get to present time. We recently went through a lot of trouble finacially. I lost my job. She got bitter because we had barely anything for two weeks food etc. But i made due I cooked for her etc. And still nothing? She said she was leaving me over money. Even went as far as to pack her things, and kept telling me that she knew she was treating me badly that i didn't deserve it etc. But still was pushing to leave. So two day's ago she finds an email i sent this lady on craigslist for sexual stuff. But this was in a period of me thinking she was gone, and leaving me. Now she's
So now she's mad at me ovbiously saying I cheated. I just want to be straight I've never met up with a girl with sex as an object. Though yes I did send an email to a girl. Though at this point I had lost faith in my significant other.
Her actions, and her tone with me made it very clear that she was going to leave me regardless. Now she is saying because of this that she's leaving. In two weeks when she gets the money.


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  • Yeah I'm going to have to say too much damage is done to repair this one. Sometimes you can mess up a relationship so bad that all you can do is take it as a lesson for the next one. I'm curious, since you said you would say she was a "girl" not a "woman" 6 years ago, but you are between 30 and 35. Maybe the age difference is a problem?

    • Not at all. Very young at heart here. Nope it's just all the things i've done. Over time they've compounded into one big mess. Needless to say. I think I lost a dear person to my heart. And it's going to hurt so bad to watch her leave. It's going to be like a needle stabbing me through the heart. Too much to picture a day of not seeing her beautiful face walk through the door after work. :(. I'm simply lost mentally right now. I need to go.

    • Just because it isn't a problem to you doesn't mean it's not a problem to her. It takes two people to make a relationship work, and just one to break things off. Harsh but true.

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  • She is one of the people that can disconnect with people, in other words she can move on easily. I think you will need to let go of her.

    • Im trying it just hurts...

    • Also, it's hard to let go when you really care about some1 regardless of what's happened.

    • Well i guess she is not very mentally strong. The only situation where i would be able to move on in a matter of time would be if my partner would physically cheat on me. Emotions do not hurt me as much for some reason.

  • I think she feels that the relationship is damaged and I'm assuming she has nothing left to give to it. I suggest you move on and when getting into a relationship make sure to make CLEAR guidelines of what is considered cheating for you guys

    • It's all my fault. I should have just never done the things that happened. Well. I guess more walks in the park today. Think you nailed it that too much damage has been done. I think she honestly hates me. And hoenstly I don't blame her. I hate myself right now. She is an amazing girl. Even if she's mean and hates me. I still care deep in my heart in spite of my actions. Don't know how to even digest this right now. I think it's better that i don't. Think i'm just going to call it a night. Take some more melatonin and sleep the day away.

  • Once trust is broken its hard to trust that person again

  • Hey it's clear that you love her. To be honest I think you've been treating her very badly. But what you are waiting for. Show her that you care. Not by saying things that you are sorry and etc. Just do something which will make a difference. She lives with yoy right? Then go and get flowers and feel whole house with flowers find it somewhere grab them bring her. Sing to her even if you have a terrible voice. Write her a letter of how you feel. Hug her as much that she can feel your heartbeat. I don't know all the stuff she likes do it. You know her anything that can make her happy. Call her on a date like you had that at the beginning. Take her somewhere different I don't know. Just for her. Try to find a job try hard try harder for her so she'll know that you care. If I were a guy I would fight for the one I loved cause i am a girl and I know how much it hurts when they not care or let you go easily


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