Getting over my ex, need a bit of advice on something, please help?

I know it's long... but it's important to me, I'd really appreciate it if you took some of your time to help me... thank you.

[A bit of context]
Me and my ex have been through some rough times; my friends & family consider him as a "dick" for what I have discussed with them. They constantly tell me to forget about him, but I can't help but not see his "dick" qualities...
(There are actual disadvantages to him, which I do notice, but I try not to notice them, because that's love, right? :3)

It's the fact that since I love a guy with a sense of humour (his is perfect imo), that was one of the main things that made me happy... I think it's almost as if the disadvantages didn't matter to me, because the way we were when we were happy was mostly perfect...

[Here's what I need advice on]
I'm afraid that if I move on from him and just wait for another guy to eventually come along, that this new guy (or any other guy afterwards) will have noticable disadvantages...
Not to do with appearance or anything - I care about a guy's personality :3
Just the fact that time with my ex was pretty much perfect, so... with a new guy... what if I didn't enjoy it as much because of the actual noticable disadvantages - causing me to miss and regret ever losing my ex.

So yeah... would anyone be able to help/state their opinion on this matter with that amount of writing? >o<
I'd really appreciate it...


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  • you said you can easily look back your exes disadvantages. if you decide to move on and find a different guy, i guarantee you that you'll be able to look past his disadvantages too. you'll recognize and see that they are there, because not noticing them would just be unhealthy, but you'll be able to see past because "thats love, right? just don't compare the current guy to your ex because that never ends well lol

    • Haha yeah :), thank you very much for commenting :3
      I understand what you mean xD

      Well I guess you could say that I meant it as if there was a different guy asking me on a date and we'd get to know eachother and... the whole noticable disadvantages thing - sure maybe one would be okay, that's how life goes, but I'm afraid if there'll be so many...
      Causing me to lose hope ^^;

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    • Yeah, you're right, thank you :3
      I really appreciate it ^-^

    • you're welcome! i think you knew all that all along, you just needed to realize it :)

  • Why did you all brake up? What were the disadvantages? Dislikes?

    • Um well (I know this sounds stupid) but I'd be abit paranoid about explaining things like that so publicly - since once it's on the internet, it's on there forever, so it could easily get around and... I'm just paranoid xD
      I could maybe message you... if that wouldn't be a bother?

    • Sure. Just think of it like this. Are they deal breakers? Can you live with them? It sounds like you don't want this break up. If you still love him, and feel like you want to try again, then do so. Just discuss the things that you would like to see different and the things that you love about him, and have him do the same. Sounds like there's hope

    • Well atm I've progressed abit more in moving on, so I'm not exactly sure if I do want us to get back together or leave it because of the disadvantages ^^;
      -Le just deleted private stuff, thank goodness that I realised it would be bad to say publicly xD-

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