Can anyone tell me if what I am feeling is normal when separating from a spouse?

Up until this point I was certain physically separating from my spouse was the best option to work on our relationship. It would allow us to figure ourselves out individually and to reassess our marriage. Tomorrow is the day I finalize paperwork for my apartment and all I can think about is how much I will miss him. I actually started crying at work this morning. I don't want us to divorce, but I don't want us to continue the disrespect towards one another either. Our home had become so stressful to where all I wanted to do was leave and not look back. Of course we are getting along now, but I know it will just go back to how it was like every other time before. I am seeing a family and marriage therapist, but can anyone offer me some advice on how to cope with the sadness? Has anyone gone through this and is still married?


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  • Yes, unconditional surrender
    is the quickest way to stay together w/o therapy (a hit or miss propo$ition)
    If you are truly loved, your surrender will become moot in no time.
    If your surrender is worn like a trophy & used for boasting... well, time to think again about moving out and cutting comms

    Eventually, you both will have to agree to view STRESS as an outsider, against which you both team up to defeat.


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