Should I tell my ex that I am only going there to remember?

He broke up with me but he still likes me (trust me).

Thing is our English class is having a party at a park where we went on our best date and I am only going so I can go to the little place in the park where we were.

I feel like if I tell him, he will show up there too but I don't know and I keep wondering if I should, what to say, and how to tell him?

Should I?
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  • I don't think you have to tell him nothing.To be honest if it was me I would show up and ignore him since he broke up with you.Make him miss you and chase you.Don't give in to the temptation of texting him.You did nothing wrong it's his fault.Make him suffer a little.

    • I guess. Thanks.

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    • But I told you my username. I will post a question unanymously. Find the question, "How do you feel about civilizations with sexual liberty and civilizations with strict heterosexual practices?"

    • Lol thanks. I found you and I found you.It took me a while.I will read your messages now and respond back to them.Thanks again.

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