Boyfriend broke up for the second time- What now?


My ex (he's 30, I'm 26) broke up with me a week ago- For the second time.
We were together for almost two years and for me our relationship was wonderful. We were over each other all the time, he always hold me hand, kissed me, cuddled with me, called and texted me all the time, wanted to be with me all the time.
We moved in together and I moved out the first time we broke up- Which was ten months ago. The break up looked very definite because he even left me a letter saying goodbye and wishing my the best. At that time we didn't have contact for a few weeks, then we met and hooked up again and came back together. Ever since I was most at the time at his house but didn't officially live together with him again.

Since he still hadn't asked me to move back in I asked him last week about our future and he said he doesn't know because we are fighting too much and that could be bad in the future. in my opinion we don't fight much at all, we just have the normal kind of arguments sometimes every couple has. But for him that's too much apparently and he doesn't wanna talk about it or solve anything. So a day later he broke up with me again, saying again that we fight too much and that he doesn't think that will be good in the future, that our characters are just too similar when it comes to being stubborn etc. He also said his feelings haven't changed even a bit, that he still loves me as much as before.

We didn't have contact for a week, today I had to text him because I have stuff at his place I need to pick up tomorrow. From tomorrow I won't initiate any contact anymore. Do you guys think there is any chance he will come back to me? Or does it look like this time it's definite?

Thanks a lot.


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  • I don't think he was really into you after the first break up. You two where just rebounding on each other. I think there are some mutual feelings there, but not enough of a foundation to build a trusting and functioning relationship that will last a life time. I think you should move on.


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