Did I make the right decision by cutting off my ex completely for a while?

I'm going to try and make this short, ok well me and my ex have been knowing each other for about 8 or 9 years and we dated for about 2 1/2 years we started off as really good friends wasn't thinking it would have turn into anything serious but it did. We started off to a rough start then it smoothed out for awhile and then it just started to get bad with trust issues secret feelings he is very stubborn and has a lot of pride also he was the type of guy who didn't really know how to show his emotions to well. But I could deal with it. My main issue was him wanting to keep in contact with a girl that he had been knowing and had slept with in the past but wasn't never official basically she is a time filler/side chick when we was going through our issues. We have been on and off for the last couple months trying the non contact rule but we usually end up contacting each other after a couple of weeks the longest I have went without contacting him is two months, This last time he called and asked if I wanted to go to the movies at first I was like sure it's just a innocent movie but I went home and checked my Facebook i noticed he had commented on the girl I mentioned earlier in the pics at like 2 something in the morning she was showing her body of course and then after I seen that I was just fed up that's when I text and told him I had thought about us going to the movies and I said it wouldn't be a good idea being that we are no longer in a relationship and that's something ex's should do and I suggested that he should take one of his new or old friends to the movies which I was throwing a jab when I said that and then I went on to tell him that this is his time to "do him" without me being included in his life. He text back he understood and that was that. I actually feel like I made the right decision other times I felt that maybe we should try to be friends but either we would fall back into the same routine of making up and then arguing.
I just didn't like the fact that he felt he could come in and out my life whenever he felt like it. He did tell me that he wanted the relationship to work it was just compatibility he said I was to emotional but he still wanted us to be friends


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  • he's afraid of loosing the other girl he cares about her even if he's not in love with her. it sad that he is not comitted to tryng to make it work between you. i think cutting him off will make him look at his choices. but be prepared that if you make him choose he may not choose you, for one reason the other girl is easy and he can always depend on being able to get what he wants from her.
    he obviously cares about you tho or he wouldn't be trying at all.


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  • Nice try on keeping it short. Lmao.

    On a serious note, that guy didn't care about you, obviously. I don't understand why YOU should still care about HIM now after it's all over.
    Obviously it's not since you're not over him. Girl, you have to let him go.
    You did the right decision kicking him to the curve. You should avoid contacting him at all cost 'cause he is toxic for you.

    He obviously, no matter what, will still pick that girl over you. You don't need to feel like you're not good enough or feel like you're always second place. You don't need that in your life, Honey.

    Take a breather. Hang out with your friends or something that will have you in high spirits. For now, I suggest you don't get into any relationship until you feel you're 100% over that guy and over that relationship so that you won't bring negativity into a new one. BUT! I will suggest you to meet new guy friends and get your sexy back on :P

    In conclusion, you did the right thing ending it and putting your foot down.
    You shouldn't be someone's second option.
    Find someone that will have you as his first and only option.

    *Keep him COMPLETELY and ALWAYS away. He will not change and you'll end up hurt again. That guy doesn't know what he really wants *

    • Thank you so much and I really tried to keep it short lol but I really feel like I made the best decision of my life by letting him go I guess I just needed to hear it from some one else. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel like he is not my problem anymore I just kept holding on to the years we have known each other but some people that you have a past with sometimes shouldn't make it into your future thank you again for your advice and answer

    • You're welcome (:
      It's time to live a new life. Have fun.

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