Ex boyfriend wants to be friends, but didn't want to hook up? Confused?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me in high school. We're a year from graduating in college and he got into contact with me again, saying he missed me so much, couldn't stop thinking about me, all that. We left on bad terms but we started talking. We were both single.

We ended up sleeping together a few times but one day he said that because of our history, we could never have a future. But he really wanted to be very good friends. This confused me, I thought he was just going to use me for sex. But one night when I got drunk and came onto him, he pulled away gently and said it wouldn't be good for our friendship if we hooked up, he wanted to be friends for life.

What? Why did he come back into my life?


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  • I don't know. You will have to ask him. It's clear he doesn't want sex.


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