If my ex is so happy without me in his life, why is he texting me?

My ex has initiated contact with me every time since he told me to move out at the end of October. He has told me he drove by my work and "thought he might see me outside". I told him I might move out of state to get away from the memories and he told me he would be happy for me if that's what makes me happy. He came to see me a month ago and said it was "as friends". I told him I cannot be friends. Anyway...I believe he is dating someone, so WHY is he texting me and coming to see me? I'm still very much in love with him and don't underestimate why he's doing what he's doing. Thanks for any advice...
Oops...understand, not underestimate. Thanks for answering.


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  • Because he was lying when he said he was happy without you. Obviously he still wants you to be apart of his life.

    • I really wish I believed that was the case. I think he misses me, but not enough to try to make it work. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  • First, your question is confusing.. How can he say he's "happy without you in his life" when he's texting you? If that's straight from his mouth, then his words would probably be difficult to understand in general.. But assuming you/he meant he's happy being out of that relationship with you.. then my question is.. does he need to be unhappy in order to text you?

    Some people believe that part of leaving a relationship is forgetting everything about it and moving on, but why neglect a beautiful past? If you guys were really close, he may still know you well enough to appreciate and care about you, and he's simply just texting you because he cares.

    It doesn't take much thinking to figure out why and what he's doing, we're not that complicated, often times we're too simple to grasp.

    • No...he never said he's happy without me. I understand what you're saying, and yes, maybe HE wants to keep me in his life, but that is NOT possible because I still love him. We were together for a very long time and I KNOW he misses me, but not enough, obviously to try to make US work. I get that he cares, but he no longer has a right to be in my life and know what I'm up to. He gave up that right when he asked me to move out. I doubt I will ever be able to be JUST a friend to him. :( I just really wish he wouldn't have given up on us. Thanks for your thoughts.

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