How to break up with a player girl without let my girlfriend knows?

I dated this girl behind my girlfriend's back and then fond out that she is a player (she is dating a married man too) and now I want to break up with her.
But she mention it in someway that she'll tell my girlfriend if I break up with her.
Now I don't know what to do and how to do?


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  • so let me get this straight... you're upset because the girl you're cheating on your gf with is hooking up with someone else?

    pretty sure I saw that on an ep of jerry springer

    so how do you break up with her? you just do it. if your gf finds out there's nothing you can do about it...that's the inherent risk of cheating on your partner. ya might get caught

    • The fact that she was a player really made me upset but more than that the fact that I did wrong.

    • you're in one-way situation. you break up with the girl and hope she has the decency not to mess with your relationship. but unless you are going to tell your gf that you cheated but realized you messed up and are ending it, there is nothing else for you to do

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  • You want to propose to or move in with your girl and you're doing this type of shit? You are not ready for a relationship let alone marriage or as big a commitment as moving in together.
    You need to break it off and YOU be the one to tell your girlfriend.

    • I want to propose to to clear the mistake I did.

    • That will NOT fix what you did. You need to apologize and hope she forgives you. Pushing a proposal now will make you seem pathetic and it will seem forced , like you're just trying to make her feel better , which in fact is what you seem to be striving for anyways. You don't build or make such a big commitment based on lies or betrayal , it'll lead to much bigger problems.

  • You're a fucking idiot. Do her a favour and get hit by a bus.

    Propose to her? Are you kidding me?

    LEAVE her don't marry her.


  • Serves. You. Right. How is that girl any world than you anyway?

    Do your girlfriend a favor and break up with HER while you're at it, too. She deserves to know what kind of a guy she's dealing with.

    • I love her don't want to break up with her.

    • Oh gosh, *worse, not world, goddamn autocorrect

      Well anyway, just... break the news. Whatever happens, happens.

  • You got yourself stuck in this situation and you're the only one who can help yourself out... Sometimes you gotta face the consequences for your actions. In life, you can't always be slick and get away with your wrongdoings. Come clean...

    • Yes I made this situation and now looking to find a way to get out of it.

  • Oh man I hope karma swoops in and she tells your girlfriend

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    • I'm not a player I'm a nice guy who did a mistake and don't deserve to miss her.

    • Newsflash: Nice guys don't cheat on their girl friends.

  • "Player" girl... geez, if she's a player, then what makes you?

    • I'm a boy who did a mistake.

    • You're a "boy" who did a mistake? Seriously?
      It says you're 25 to 29!
      C'mon now! You're a grown a$$ man!
      You knew what you were doing!
      Oh! Now it's a mistake?
      Now that it hurt your ego knowing you're not the only guy she is going for?
      Now that you know if you'll leave her, she'll tell your gf?
      Now it's a f**ken mistake?
      Grows some balls and admit your "mistake".
      No matter what, sooner or later your gf will find out! If it's not from you, it's from the other girl.
      It hurt you, didn't it? Knowing you're not the only one. Well, boohoo, imagine how your gf will feel once she knows about this.
      Face the consequences of your "mistake", a mistake you knew was wrong since the very start.

  • What an triangle, square whatever! Do players break up really? LOL

  • Shit... Honestly. I'd just stop talking to her.

    • What if she tell my girlfriend?

    • Well you're going to end up having to tell her... Because she's going to respect you a lot more if you do it rather than finding out from the playyyaaa

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  • Well, you cheating on your girlfriend was your dumbest mistake.
    All I can say is, break up with the one you have been seeing, and then tell your girlfriend and beg for forgiveness.

  • how do you break up with a girl you're "dating"?

  • You just gotta take your lumps like a 'man'.

  • This is good.

  • I'd keep banging them both. If you break up with her, she probably will tell your girlfriend. Why'd you want to break up with her anyway?

    • If I still see the other girl soon or later my gf will find it so its better to end with other girl.

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