After moving on from a long term relationship, have you really been living for yourself? Share your success and failures.?

Was someone the center of your universe? Have you women up recently and thought back to that moment when you lost them, and think about how much has changed? Does it make you sad, or does it blow you away? After you've had a tight long term bond broken away from you, how have you moved on? Are things better, or worse. Share your thoughts
I'm suprised that only one person answered this question.


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  • I moved on from a 5 year relationship with my ex. We met in middle school and just started dating. Everything was fine and so perfect but suddenly the summer of 2013 our relationship began to fade away. He never made time for me or anything always made excuses. I understand he had friends but he still couldn't come by and spend time with me. I hate it when I guy says he loves you but can't show you. Or even when I guy says he misses you but won't even come by to see you. Anyways he's changed a lot from middle school into high school. He drinks now and stuff, and I was just like I can't do this anymore. I don't want to worry about someone that doesn't even give a crap about me. I'm a young and sweet and beautiful girl who doesn't ask for a lot in a relationship as long as your being committed and at least trying that's all I ask. He and I broke up in March 2014. I was lost for a couple of days but then I woke one day and I was just like I'm done. I don't deserve to be treated like a dog I deserve to be treated with respect and loyalty. He and I are a year apart, it was like I was doing all the work. I felt like I was the mature one, yet he was flirting with other girls right in front of my face. But now I'm happy because I don't need to be with him and don't need to be around what he is addicted to. Moving on his hard the first few steps are but your one step closer to being with the person that truly deserves you.

  • That's actually a really good question. I'm dealing with leaving an 8 year marriage. I think for me it's a mixture of Sadness and amazement because I dealt with so many negative things for so long that it really tore me down in certain ways. I think when you have truly given everything you have to one person, they become your world and it really is like having everything you know just - destroyed...Maybe right now for me it's surreal, it's definitely scary, but it also feels better. I am free of the drama, the constant tension, walking on eggshells...the worry about what he's doing, why he's making those decisions all the time, why I'm not worth him being faithful etc etc. So I'd say - for me - better, but I'm also alone and I can say with complete honesty, I don't like it. The real question is, is it what you need vs what you want/are comfortable with.


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